How to use beard brush the easiest most effective way by Olympian Beard

How to use beard brush

Beard brush is the best grooming tool that helps with taming your facial hair and exfoliating the skin beneath the hair. The boar bristles are ideal for brushing your facial hair and give you a fuller better look especially for longer beard lengths. From stubble to full beards the technique is similar and always get the job done.

Start with deep brushing before you wash your face or shower. Emphasize to reach the skin beneath the facial hair that would help exfoliate your skin removing dead skin and along with broken and damaged hair.

After you done washing, dry your beard with a towel so that it’s damp but not wet. Use only few drops (it depends of the length and how fast your skin can absorb the oil) and cover all of the surface area beneath your facial hair.

Brush your facial hair again and style it as you always do.

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